Montgrí, Illes Medes i Baix Ter, Natural Park

This Natural Park consist of three different parts: the Medes Island, the Montgrí Massif and the alluvial plain called Baix Ter.
In the marine part (2.037 ha) there is the small archipelago of the Medes Islands, made up of seven islets and a small number of reefs. It’s an area of really extraordinary biological and ecological value, due to the wide variety of environments and species found there (1.345, marine taxons in the plant and animal groups studied) in a setting of an extremely beautiful landscape.
The archipelago is situated scarcely a mile from the Montgrí Massif, of which geologically it is the extension into the sea. The massif is a well-defined ridge rising up between the two alluvial plains. The south alluvial is called Baix Ter and there are crops, irrigation channels and marshes.